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Scott Speed defends title in RallyCross

3:50 pm Jun. 6, 2015

Scott Speed defended his RallyCross gold medal, edging out Steve Sarpin by a slim margin.

The last American to drive in Formula One, Speed has now won the past three X Games RallyCross gold medals dating back to 2013.

Speed ran most of the race with a severely damaged bumper, but it didn’t stop him from taking the lead from Sebastian Eriksson in the fifth lap. He then held the lead for

Curren Caples wins X Games gold in Skateboard Park

2:01 pm Jun. 6, 2015

Curren Caples came into the X Games entered in both skateboard park and street.

He even said his best chances at gold might be on the street course at Circuit of the Americas.

Caples now can readjust

Daniel Sandoval wins X Games BMX Park; Austin’s Chase Hawk is 7th

4:40 pm Jun. 5, 2015

Daniel Sandoval, with a score of 92.66, won the gold medal in BMX Park Friday afternoon at the X Games.

It was the first career X Games victory for the 19-year-old Sandoval. He earned bronze in Austin last year.

Dennis Enarson was the silver medalist. He’ll be competing in two other events this weekend in Austin.

Scotty Cranmer was third with a score of 89.66.

Austin’s Chase Hawk, who won the event last year,

Pierre-Luc Gagnon wins gold in skateboard vert

1:59 pm Jun. 5, 2015

Pierre-Luc Gagnon took home the gold medal in the skateboard vert, the 20th overall medal of his X Games career.

Gagnon had the best two runs of the competition. He recorded an 88 on his first run and then upped his score to 92.33 on his second of three chances.

Paul-Luc Ronchetti claimed silver with an 86, while Sam Beckett finished third and took home the bronze medal with an 82.33 on