BMX star Steve McCann says he’s OK after nasty Big Air X Games crash

It was good news for Steve McCann, who was taken to the hospital earlier Sunday after a scary crash on the Big Air ramp.

McCann posted on Twitter:

Thanks to all of the @xgames staff!! I’m ok, but god damnit those walking one foot in front of the other tests are tricky! Haha So I guess I got Silver medal? HAha

And then he posted on Instagram:

That’s a wrap for @xgames 2015 ! A silver medal! With @elliotsloan in big air! Now Happy to be healthy and going home! Thanks to everyone that makes my life possible!

McCann was competing in Big Air doubles Sunday at Circuit of the Americas. On his fourth and final run, he hit his head and did a full-body skid at the end of the ramp.

McCann was taken off the course on a stretcher.


McCann, an Australian, won a silver medal with skateboard partner Elliot Sloan.





Author: Suzanne Halliburton

Suzanne Halliburton primarily writes about college athletics and Lance Armstrong for the Austin American-Statesman.

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